Head Games

~ Barney Green- Money Matters!!! ~


I am ready for another match. Another head game if you will. Gotta step into the ring with perhaps one of the most dominating men in the XWF right now. Dionysus. He beat me in his debut match a year ago and has been on this dramatic rise.

Where have I been? Still drinking white claw and prime energy to keep going. I feel young even though I had to deal with one hell of a prank on my 40th birthday. I will get my revenge on the Skunk!

I know the spirits are watching over me. I always look to my deck of cards in situations like this. I drew the Knight Of Pentacles which can be a good card in this match. I am a hardworking guy who has been in this business 16 years. I am looking towards flying into Sunrise, FL in a few days. Than I gotta hop on another plane after Warfare ends so I can have some fun in Canada.

I am like a fine beer. I get better with age! People have doubted me my whole life. Yet here I am. Still going into another match at my age. I feel as good as I am ever gonna feel. Bones ache some days.

Drinking Prime Energy for that boost. Finding a way to make it all work at the end of the day. Dionysus is no slouch of a competitor. Dude comes out of nowhere and wins a ton of belts in a year. I give him credit where credits due. But fighting me is never gonna be easy.

I won't stay down even when I probably should have to save my body. I got a few friends outside this business still alive but I will always find a way to keep getting back up. I know I am not getting any younger in this business.

Maybe I will retire down to Florida one day but then, I would be like every old person who shows up from another state. The crowd gets me going once my music hits. That is something that still gives me goosebumps every single time. Walking out to face the music with the greatest band in the world playing me down. Brian Johnson's gnarly voice just fits that pure adrenaline shot of rock and roll!

I am not worried about what weapons get used in this match. I will heal up just fine. The fact I have been able to sustain and survive in that type of environment shows I am not a fluke. Without these fans cheering me on, I am just that fat kid from High School.

I give hope to everyone out there. I am always willing to step into the ring and take risks that the average person may be afraid of. I am everyone's Daddy in a way. They see this older guy who sometimes reeks of White Claw at the bar and then get to see him on TV.

It Will Be Unlucky...For...You...

February 19th, 2024
Boston, MA

The scene opens up inside of the bar where we see Barney, Bob, and Louis drinking beer after the cake incident. Barney goes to speak.

Barney: That was a good one, Bob. I never would have thought you guys would sneak a small piece of dynamite into a fake cake.

Bob: We had to do something big. You only turn 40 once in a lifetime.

Bob takes a swig of beer as Louis goes to speak.

Louis: Let's get out of here and pay our tabs. I got the good stuff at home.

Barney takes a swig of beer and goes to speak.

Barney: Just promise me we aren't gonna watch another Steven Seagal movie. I can go without seeing another one of his movies.

Louis: But that guy is awesome.

Louis finishes off his beer as Bob goes to speak.

Bob: Yeah. The Barn man is right about that. There has gotta be another action movie we can watch outside of seeing that guy on tv.

Louis: It's just entertainment where you get to shut your brain off.

Bob finishes off his beer as Barney goes to speak.

Barney: There is always Die Hard we could watch. Yippie Ki Yay!

Bob: I've seen that movie way too many times with you, Barn.

Barney goes to finish off his beer as well. Louis goes to speak.

Louis: I agree with Bob on that one, Barn. I am sure we can find something to watch and enjoy the rest of the night.

Bob: Don't worry about the bill, Barn. I got it.

Barney goes to speak as Bob motions for the waitress to come over with the bill.

Barney: Cheapskate Bob saves the day. I am truly grateful for our friendship to have lasted this long.

The waitress comes over and drops the bill off.

Louis: Thanks, Bob.

Bob: No problem.

Bob places his card inside of the container holding the receipt. Barney gets up and goes to leave the table.

Barney: I'll meet you guys there. I just gotta bleed the lizard the real quick.

Barney walks into the restroom and goes to take a leak at a urinal. He whips out his unit at the urinal to use it.

Barney: Time to put the fire out in the city!

Barney finishes and pulls his pants up. Barney goes to wash his hands when two more people enter the restroom with him. The first person goes to speak.

Man 1: I can't believe a guy like you has had the success you have had.

Barney: Its possible if you set your mind to it.

The second guy goes to speak.

Man 2: Especially in a fake sport. You aren't even a real athlete.

Barney stops what he is doing at the faucet and looks at them.

Barney: I am just as real of an athlete as anybody else.

Man 1: You are a walking crash test dummy.

Barney just laughs and goes to speak.

Barney: If you really think so, Why not try to fight me?

The second guy goes for a punch only for Barney to duck out of the way and the guy hits the mirror instead shattering it.

Man 2: Mother fucker! You hurt my hand.

Barney quickly throws some water from the faucet in the other guys face and then nails the second with a right hook.

Man 1: My eyes!

Barney kicks the first guy in the balls and then slams the second guys head into the countertop. The second guy falls to the ground.

Barney: I thought I was a fake.

Barney then throws the first guy head first into the stall. He then places his head into the toilet and flushes it.

Barney: Remember, There is a reason they call me the Daddy of Violence.

The first guy just falls to the ground.

Barney: Congratulations, You got your ass kicked by a forty year old man with one eye.

Barney leaves the stall and exits the restroom. Barney walks towards the table and goes to talk to his friends.

Barney: We really need to get out of here now. Let's just say that there are two people out cold in the bathroom.

Louis: We are on it, Barn.

The three of them quickly exit the bar and head towards their vehicles.

Bob: I can't believe I missed that fight. That would've made for some epic footage.

Louis: Next time, Get one of us so we can film it and it will go viral.

Barney chuckles as he goes to speak.

Barney: Those two won't be challenging anybody to a fight for a while.

Barney enters his vehicle and starts to drive off as "Head Games" by Foreigner starts playing on the radio. Bob and Louis do the same.

Barney: I don't wanna play the head games anymore.

The scene fades to black.